Shadesol Alfresco Motorized Patio Shades

Shadesol Alfresco Motorized Patio Shades


The better outdoor living experience.

Shadesol Alfresco shades are the contemporary outdoor shading solution. They offer a reliable state of the art motorized shade that is easy to use and streamlined to fit in any outdoor space.

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Uniquely Adept

  • 100% Motorized
  • Rollease Acmeda componentry
  • Smart home integration friendly
  • Automate™ Pulse Hub system
  • Custom made in the USA

Why don’t you

  • Create a shading solution that blocks the sun, but not your view
  • Deter insects from your patio with shade protection that minimizes gaps on all sides
  • Reduce your energy costs by creating a barrier between the sun and your windows

So Many Options

  • Five installation types to fit your needs
  • Standard fabric and component colors to suit all exterior types
  • Varying degrees of fabric openness to create the perfect amount of shade


A warranty so simple we don’t need any fine print

Shadesol Alfresco: 5 year Manufacturing, Fabrics, and Componentry

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