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Saturday, May 16, 2015

In addition to your in-home security system, aluminum shutters are an excellent window security option for residents in New Orleans. Nola is an exciting city; rich in culture and history. Tourists from all over the world come to experience all that it has to offer. But like any city, security for your home and your family is a necessity.

In the city of New Orleans, residential and congested tourists areas are commonly intertwined. Often the only thing between your home and the outside, is a glass window; and unfortunately, that is often not enough. Weatherwell Elite is stronger and more durable than any other aluminum shutter on the market, and makes window security more simple in New Orleans.

In combination with their aesthetic appeal, your window security is improved in two simple steps. The first is the bolt at the top and bottom of the Weatherwell Elite aluminum shutters, controlled by one key. When the key is turned to "lock", the bolts shoot out in to the top and bottom tracks and are locked in place. This is not accessed from the outside and can not be unlocked with out the key.

Secondly, their is also a simple lock, resembling a switch to lock the blades in place; known as a blade stay. This simple lock, ensures that your blades will securely stay at any angle. Open during the day, and closed tight during the night, or on days when you're away from your home. It was decided that it is better not to lock the shutters and the blades all-in-one, because it provides more versatility to you, the customer.

An example of their versatility in providing window security, which would be perfect for a home in New Orleans is shown in the following images. In the first image, the shutters have been installed internally within the home, for both a feature and additional security. This family enjoyed long vacations away during their summer break and so wanted a product that could better protect their belongings, whilst always adding to the overall design of their home.

Another example, is an alternative to the jail-like bars that are so commonly seen on homes throughout New Orleans, and the rest of the United States. Weatherwell Elite was a perfect solution for this family, as it not only significantly improved their window security but they also felt it improved upon their neighbors homes, and set them apart.

As well as being able to provide security for the second family, it is essential that external shutters be able to withstand the tests Mother Nature so commonly puts New Orleans through. Weatherwell Elite can withstand gail-force winds, water, salt and sun, further underpinning how for homes in New Orleans requiring additional window security, Weatherwell Elite is the obvious choice.

The Window Outfitter's have focussed entirely on what one needs out of aluminum shutters. Window security with Weatherwell Elite is superior to other products as it is always completed with precision at every point during planning, manufacturing and installation.

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