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Friday, February 27, 2015

In Dallas, despite the 100- summer days, clear blue sky almost always accompanies the heat. Locals love enjoying the outdoors with a cool drink in hand provided their is somewhere shady to retreat to. Aluminium louvers are the newest accessory and trend to take off in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Weatherwell Elite's aluminum louvers are the most advanced product on the market, because they skilfully combine design with practicality and usability. While the weather is still too cool for outdoor entertaining, it is the perfect time to apply the finishing touches to your outdoor areas with The Window Outfitter's.

Unbeknown to most people, aluminum louvers can withstand the affects of the damaging sun. Common issues often found after installing shutters in outdoor areas include fading and cracking of the materials. Aluminum louvers do not have this problem. Aluminum combines strength, flexibility, and the inherent ability to weather the impact of the sun. This means they require no maintenance, and explains why they are increasingly popular both residentially and commercially.

Weatherwell Elite's cutting edge design is equipped to handle the toughest treatments from the sun. Every aspect of their design has been mastered to create the most efficient aluminum louver. With many installation methods available, it is up to you how open or closed you want the louvers to be. Control the entry of natural light, heat and sun from the outside to protect your outdoor living area.

Perhaps you have a large balcony area that you are considering enclosing for sun protection and privacy. Laze around on your balcony with a book or relax with your loved one, all while enjoying the privacy of your own home. An additional feature of our shutters is that they can be installed so they can retract to completely open your balcony up to enjoy the views, leave them closed to stay cool, or play with the light and create the perfect modern exterior. You never have to compromise safety and security for beauty with Weatherwell Elite aluminum louvers.

The Weatherwell Elite range carries the longest lasting and most comprehensive warranty on the market because we are certain you will not be disappointed.

Don't wait till Summer is already here, now is the perfect time to apply the finishing touches to your outdoor area with aluminum louvers.

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