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Friday, March 27, 2015

Unlike the past, in order to be close to our jobs, family, friends, restaurants and entertainment we are all living very closely together. Fortunately, many of us are lucky to have some sort of outdoor living area, whether it be big or small. Unfortunately though, most of us have some sort of privacy issue. Most of us would like to imagine that we live on a secluded lot far from the prying eyes of our neighbors, but the sad truth is that most of us don't. Exterior shade screens may be the solution you've been looking for.


Weatherwell Elite combines cutting-edge technology with sophistication and design. There are many options available to you on the market but nothing quite like what The Window Outfitters has to offer.

At The Window Outfitter's we know that when you are searching for the perfect outdoor porch privacy screen you have specific criteria that a product must meet.

Often these include:

  • Provide shade to keep cool on summer days
  • Allow air flow
  • Easy to operate
  • Protects furniture
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Extensive color range

Weatherwell Elite is tailor made to suit your needs; it ticks all the boxes.

Outdoor porch privacy screens are a fast-growing trend to enclose or add privacy to an outdoor area or porch. Weatherwell Elite, depending on your specific situation, can be fixed in place, hinged, sliding or multi-fold shutters. The numerous installation options make for a very practical way to add privacy to your home.


Summer is around the corner, which means so is outdoor entertaining. Gone are the unbearable winter days and out comes the warm sunshine, bringing with it, plenty of outdoor entertaining. Outdoor porch privacy screens are often also used to provide some shade and sun protection. Unlike many products available to you, Weatherwell Elite does not fade or crack due to the sun. Also given the numerous installation options, you can choose how open or closed you want your outdoor porch privacy screens (including the louvers) to be. This helps with both adequate shade and air flow.

One of the most important concerns when reinventing a part of your home is how it will look. Weatherwell Elite has an extensive color range to choose from and again noting the numerous versatility of the louvers, you can choose whether to completely open or close the shutters or somewhere in between. It is without a doubt aesthetically pleasing.

Weatherwell Elite outdoor porch privacy screens are designed to satisfy all your foreseeable needs and concerns, to create a high quality product that will help to complete your home. If you are looking to finish off or revamp your outdoor area or porch, click here to learn more about Weatherwell Elite.

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