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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Is there an area of your home that is constantly exposed to the wild forces of nature? Sadly to often than not, this is the case. Weatherwell Elite aluminum louver systems are loved by architects worldwide because they combine both cutting edge engineering with a modern, chic design that are able to withstand these forces. Unlike the past, there is no excuse for replacing the beauty ofaluminum louvers for usability and product sustainability. At The Window Outfitters we are proud to offer aluminum louvers that will enhance the appearance of your home, but will also provide protection against the forces of Mother Nature.

Since 2010, there have been 72 presidential major disaster declarations on average per year. This is a 30% increase from the previous decade's average. Between 2011 and 2013 the total extreme weather cost for the 34 most severe events totaled $208 billion in damage and 1,221 fatalities. - Daniel J. Weiss and Siri Manning, 2013: Extreme Weather, Extreme Damage

We have no control over Mother Nature. What we can control is how we choose to protect our outdoor areas which are exposed to these forces. The aluminum louvers you choose to install could be what saves your home when Mother Nature decides to strike. Weatherwell Elite aluminum louver systems are certified by the Miami-Dade county testing. This means that they have been tested and are certified to protect against extreme wind forces in hurricane prone areas. This helps everyone from architects to buyers know they meet unique requirements.

Weatherwell Elite has also considered the affects of salt and sun when designing our aluminum louver systems, and guarantees their ability to survive them. Other shutters on the market have external louver rotation mechanisms that are exposed to natural extremities. Weatherwell Elite is unique because the aluminum louver systems all have INTERNAL rotation mechanisms. This combined with the high quality powder coating over the aluminum guarantees the shutters will last for years of oceanside enjoyment. The Window Outfitters are so confident they provide 10 years structural warranty, 10 years standard powder coast and 5 years wood grain powder coat.

Imagine your the owner of this beautiful beachfront home. What could be less than ideal about living on the beach?

The family that does own this home wanted to be able to enjoy their covered patio at all times of the day; particularly after their long work days when they returned home. They were having trouble though with on shore and off shore "breezes", more appropriately described as strong winds which happened to be at their worst in the afternoon when the family wanted to enjoy their million dollar view. Multi-fold aluminum louver systems were the perfect solution and investment. The family could fold back the panels to enjoy their view when the winds were down, or close them up when the winds were present. An added feature of Weatherwell Elite is that they can also be locked in place. This way if the winds are bad while the family are out, they can lock them shut and their patio will be protected from the strong winds.

Aside from all the benefits already mentioned about our aluminum louvers, they are also always an attractive feature to add to any home.

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