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Saturday, March 14, 2015

A porch, whether it be at the front or the back of your home, is a great place to entertain friends or enjoy the afternoon with family. A porch enclosure is the best way to make the most of your home and ensure the longevity of your outdoor furniture in all conditions, at all times of the day. In many books and movies that we read, so many of the most intimate moments happen on a front porch. It's only natural to fantasize about all the wonderful memories we could make on a porch of our own. Unfortunately, like all outdoor living areas, there are many areas for concern. The Window Outfitter's understands your concerns and a porch enclosure using Weatherwell Elite is the solution.

Weatherwell Elite is an aluminum shutter made in the USA. It is built to last and designed to improve the appearance of your home. There is nothing else like it on the market.

Choosing a porch enclosure is often difficult because most people don't want to close themselves off from their surrounding views entirely. A good porch enclosure needs to be versatile, which is why Weatherwell Elite is increasingly popular. The numerous installation methods make it easy to completely open or close your porch, or somewhere in between, depending on the type of day or specific event you are hosting. Each order is custom made and fit to your home.

One family purchased this holiday home for their family to enjoy on weekends and during their vacation time. However, this house required some tender, love and care immediately before they could enjoy all it had to offer. You can imagine how much they would love relaxing on their front porch with a cool drink in hand, listening to music and watching the sunset. However, they were concerned their furniture on the front porch would never be protected from damaging weather, as well as having issues with privacy and security. The solution: A Weatherwell Elite porch enclosure.





No changes have been made other than installing Weatherwell Elite, and already the appearance, the security and the privacy of the home has improved dramatically. The family can completely close or open the louvers to let the sun and air through and ensure their privacy, but they can also fold back their shutters to completely open their porch up on the days they'd prefer not to have a porch enclosure (not shown in images). The aluminum louvers are locked in place using a key to ensure security. This was crucial to the family as it is a holiday home and there will be long periods of time where the family will be away and don't want to worry. 

Weatherwell Elite is a long-term investment that is built to last and designed to attract. To discover more ways to improve your home with Weatherwell Elite click here.

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