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Friday, April 10, 2015

Have you been searching for shutters that are stylish, functional and will give your family all the privacy they need? The Window Outfitter's plantation shutters are the solution. As the world's leading shutter manufacturer, we pride ourselves on creating shutters you will love. Our plantation shutters will always add value to your home, while also making excellent privacy screens.

We understand how difficult privacy can be in both apartment living and houses, which is why Weatherwell Elitealuminum shutters are tailor made to suit your lifestyle. Our shutters can be fixed in place, hinged, sliding or multi-fold, making them the perfect, most versatile solution to your privacy concerns. They are also salt and weather resistant so are suitable in any location. An added bonus to you is that the moveable blades on the exterior plantation shutters can be set in any position whilst still giving you plenty of airflow. So if it is an outdoor area you need more privacy in, you can decide how private or open your outdoor area should be. Plantation shutters are an amazing way to improve your privacy on an existing area of your home.

A fast-growing trend is to use our plantation shutters to enclose or add privacy to the perfect, private, outdoor retreat. The numerous installation options make for a very functional and stylish addition to your outdoor retreat. A family in Canada lives in what some would say is paradise. Their home overlooks a large lake, and they have enough property for their kids or friends to enjoy the outdoors in the comfort of their own home. However, their backyards openly connect with their neighbors, making privacy an issue at times. They found it difficult to enjoy the beautiful weather by their pool with their family without worrying about being seen by their neighbors or people out on the lake. However, they also had a prior agreement with their neighbors not to install a fence between each home so that their outdoor spaces would remain larger and their view more expansive and striking. The solution: Weatherwell Elite plantation shutters around the edge of their patio.

As mentioned, our shutters are tailor-made to suit you and your home. This family wanted a split rotation, meaning the louvers can move independently in chosen sections without a mid rail. Depending on the situation, the family could close them for complete privacy, open one section, or open both sections completely. Weatherwell Elite plantation shutters were the ideal privacy screens.

As well as being an excellent privacy screen, their strength, durability and design make our plantation shutters are an investment that will always add value to your home. They are recognized as a strong product unlike anything on the market. If you want a stylish way to complete your outdoor area, look no further than Weatherwell Elite aluminum shutters. 

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