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Friday, March 06, 2015

Selecting the perfect patio screen is usually dictated by functionality in an outdoor setting more so than how it looks. For years now, Australians have been enjoying their patio's fitted with the best aluminum shutters available on the market, Weatherwell Elite, which gives them more functionality than the traditional patio screen. The operable louvers on Weatherwell Elite give you the ability to totally block out the sun and weather, create various levels of privacy, and whats more ensure intruder proof security to protect your patio furniture and decor. Custom color, custom size all custom made to help create your ideal patio. The good news: it's now available in the USA and better yet, it is fully manufacturered right here too! Now, there is no excuse not to complete your outdoor living area with the perfect patio screens.

Weatherwell Elite patio screens are designs with unprecedented engineering. Architects worldwide are yet to find another product made to such high standards and with such range of functionality. The Window Outfitter's aluminum patio screens are the best on the market. Appealing to the eye, custom-made and functional; we've checked all the boxes. So sure of it's satisfaction guarantee, it comes with the best warranty on the market.

Like so many Americans, Australians love the outdoors and the fun times that comes with enjoying it. Having friends over for a barbecue or a few drinks is a weekly activity, and why not when you have a patio like the one featured below?

Although this house is in Australia, there is no reason why such an excellent design could not be replicated in a family's home here in America. This family had a few concerns before selecting which patio screens they would install. They wanted a patio screen that would also provide privacy, weather protection and be able to fit their pre-existing patio's dimensions.

The solution: Weatherwell Elite.

Weatherwell Elite patio screens are constructed from aluminum which is known to withstand the effects of the weather better than any other product available. It does not fade or crack from the sun and can withstand winds through extreme conditions. They are built to last.

Aluminum patio screens also make privacy in your home easy. With several installation options available, you can install patio screens that are multifold, sliding, fixed or hinged shutters. Furthermore, through a simple lock-of-a-key, you can secure your shutters in place, as open or closed as you want them to be. For this family, that meant that on days with a cool summer breeze they could open the louvers to allow that breeze to keep them cool. Finally, all our products are custom made to suit your home, so were easily fitted to this family's patio.

Unlike some companies out there, The Window Outfitter's have carefully considered all the possible concerns you may have to create a versatile and reliable product. It is trusted in Australia, and we can guarantee the same for America.

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