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Bahama shutters were popularized in the Bahamas and the Caribbean and were designed in a way to secure homes quickly when a hurricane or storm was approaching.  Bahama shutters cover the entire window and can be opened and closed at will, but not in the conventional style of a traditional plantation shutter.  They only open to about a 65 degree angle and are one panel.

Since their initial design, Bahama shutters have changed very little, only adding a hinge mechanism to increase the airflow and light able to pass through the windows.  They have always pointed to the ground at a very sharp angle, deflecting the rain from coming into a home.  

Recent advances in the design of the Bahama shutter have allowed the slats to be adjusted as needed.  This small change allows owners to adjust for light and airflow, but still allow for them to be closed quickly when they need to protect their homes or workplaces from approaching storms and hurricanes.

Traditionally, the Bahama shutter was made from timber.  It is now available in aluminum with our Weatherwell range adding extra strength and durability to protect against the extremes in weather.  Aluminum Bahama shutters offer the same features as the traditional timber Bahama shutter with a more advanced design and the added advantage of built-in security features.



As another year kicks-off we each inevitably have made a list of goals and a set of plans for the coming year.  Many people’s lists may include a home remodel, a backyard overhaul, a new home purchase, starting that new business or getting that vacation home you have had your eye on for months.  Many of these plans for the new year allow for you to create a space that is uniquely yours.  When incorporating aluminum shutters into your space you are inviting a refreshing look that adds style.

With all the mounting options available such as fixed, sliding, bi-folding and hinged, aluminum shutters can cater to the beauty and look you are hoping to achieve,  with a product that combines durability with function.

Aluminum shutters are the welcome alternative for businesses with their built-in security features, quality finishes and resilience.  Whether you wish to use them as a divider between rooms, privacy screens, security for the windows or an easy way to control airflow from indoor to outdoor spaces, the options are almost limitless.

Regardless of your new year plans for that one or several places you have in mind, aluminum shutters can add an instant facelift to your home or work that won’t go unnoticed by friends and customers.  

May 2013 be the year you create the space you have always imagined. 

Happy New Year from The Window Outfitters team. 



Exterior shutters can add beauty to any space.  If you wish to create a cozy outdoor space that is both stylish and functional enclosing it with aluminum exterior shutters offers a solution for you that caters to both.  

This gorgeous indoor/outdoor area is shielded from the neighbors with aluminum shutters that allow airflow through the space along with added privacy.  This “wall” of shutters blends seamlessly with the décor of this room adding warmth without the sacrifice of style.

The use of these aluminum exterior shutters as a replacement to a traditional wall is a look that is becoming increasingly popular as people are choosing to transform outdoor spaces into beautiful gathering areas for family and friends.  These exterior shutters are able to weather the elements of smoke from a sizzling barbecue, steam from a spa, and kids playing in the yard.  

When creating a space as unique as your home and taste, aluminum exterior shutters can offer the added benefit of security with its built-in system without the sacrifice of light, airflow and beauty.



Aluminum Shutters were essential to creating this stunning indoor outdoor dining space in this Sydney home.  The owners are keen entertainers often throwing cocktail parties and dinner parties for their friends and family, however previously they had been restricted to a more formal indoor setting, or around the pool for a more casual feel.  What they really wanted to achieve was a place where they could entertain with that outside feel but be able to be protected from the hot sun in summer and safeguard against inclement weather.  

Enclosing their outdoor patio with stylish aluminum shutters achieved the perfect outdoor indoor entertaining spot.  The Aluminum shutters were installed as accordion style multi-folds so they create a number of different look and feels.  When closed the aluminum shutters created a more "indoorsy" look with moveable blades that could be adjusted to allow for a warm and inviting flow of air or breeze.  When fully retracted and folded neatly against the walls, the aluminium shutters blurred the indoor and and outdoor space with dinner and cocktails being served in full view of the pool, which is stunning by day, and truly glamorous by night.

The owners also chose to enclose with aluminium shutters not only because of their stylish appearance and outdoor durability, but because they were able to be closed and locked. The security rated aluminium shutters ensured the owners were comfortable styling the room with expensive furniture, cookware, stereo equipment and decorative ornaments.

Secure, stylish, easy to clean, and flexible, Weatherwell Elite Aluminum Shutters were the vital element to this outdoor indoor room success!



When purchasing items in a store the look and feel of each store can be very different.  From bright lights and colors, to dim lighting with contrasting dark and light décor.  A recent trend has started to enter the retail world giving some stores amazing curb appeal whilst adding an instant solution for light control.

As an alternative to sterile glass windows, plantation shutters can offer you security, allow for ventilation through the store, give you a distinguishing feature from your competitors and add instant sophistication to your brand.

With The Window Outfitters Weatherwell Elite range you can have both security and durability with an aluminum shutter that allows you to lock the blades in to place, can endure the everyday traffic of customers and allows you to select a color to further compliment your stores décor.

Additionally, these plantation shutters can provide a unique way for displaying clothes or add character to the internal spaces in a store when they are mounted on the walls of a store.   



Aluminum shutters are the new revolution in window treatments that is quickly emerging as the popular choice for residential and commercial locations worldwide.  Offering clean lines, the highest quality finishes paired with a material that is durable and maintains the integrity of the traditional wooden shutter.  Aluminum shutters offer unparalleled security features and are available in array of finishes providing a beautiful solution for any space. 

While these shutters are designed to weather the extremes of Mother Nature, they can be a welcome solution for some interior spaces.  For high traffic areas in your home, bathrooms, kitchens, or areas where a shutter with a little more resiliency is needed, such as game rooms or playrooms, the aluminum shutter is the answer.  

The Window Outfitters Weatherwell and Weatherwell Elite ranges of aluminum shutters offer a solution for all those who are looking for custom state of the art aluminum shutters for their home or commercial space.  



Exterior shutters can enclose a living area while offering a look that is both stylish and functional.  Outdoor kitchens, sitting areas, and gathering places can be securely protected with shutters that are able to weather the elements and offer little intrusion on your space.  The Window Outfitters Weatherwell Elite aluminum shutter range replaces the traditional timber shutter whilst maintaining its look and long time appeal.

Having an outdoor living area is becoming increasingly trendy.  People are choosing to remodel their current homes over moving and are looking for new solutions to create more space and modernize their home.  The appeal of having exterior shutters is that they offer the flexibility to change the airflow and light by closing or opening the louvers, shut out the fluctuations in weather and even offer security for the space.  

Exterior shutters instantly make a statement to all who will visit your home, highlighting your impeccable style and taste.  Using shutters as an enclosure for an area will not go unnoticed, but will seamlessly blend with the décor and style of your home.  

With multiple installation methods available, this exterior shutter solution can be sliding, bi-folding or fixed in to the space you have in mind.  Whether you wish to make your shutters the statement in your room by selecting a bold color, or to fuse with your walls and décor, a finish personal to your space is available. 

Making your outdoor living space an area that you will entertain, enjoy time with family and friends, or sit back and relax now has a solution in The Window Outfitters aluminum exterior shutter range. 



While the use of plantation shutters has evolved over the years, the basic design of the plantation shutter has been around since at least the Middle Ages.  Originally designed to promote the free flow of air through a home in warmer climates and shade to lower the temperature of homes, they were formerly installed in window spaces, with no glass.  European colonists who reached the Caribbean and American South recognized the great features of the shutter and began to install them in the interior of their plantation homes.  Due to their popularization in these large homes, many now refer to the shutter as “plantation shutters”.
In ancient Greece plantation shutters were constructed from marble.  The use of such a strong and durable material provided protection for their homes, but the louvers were fixed and immovable.  

As shutters increased in popularity wood workers continued to find ways to advance the range of movement, allowing individuals to control the light and ventilation of their rooms throughout the coarse of the day and night.  It was King Louis XIV of France who further popularized the shutter making them a royal accessory.


Today plantation shutters are readily available in timber and are not restricted in the movement of the blades.  A new material trend is reaching the international market now that is both durable like the marble, but sophisticated and elegant like the shutters found on the large plantation homes.  Aluminum shutters are the plantation shutter of the future.

Hot facts! Plantation shutters with a narrow louver are more popular in the Northern part of the United States.  Alternatively, plantation shutters with a wider louver are more popular in the Southern half of the United States.

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Although the overwhelming color trends of today is bold and blocked, take a note from the Parisians who sill know the power of black and white. Think Chanel, Christian Dior, or Yves Saint Laurent. Black and White.  A black and white color scheme adds instant sophistication to a room and timeless elegance. Black Plantation Shutters on a white wall can not

If it is a soft and casual look you are going for, use a black plantation shutter with more of satin paint finish, on a pure white wall adding softer textiles and furniture pieces.

For the ultimate in cool and modern chic, use a black plantation shutter with a glossier finish. Walls can be white, black or even silvery greys.  And if you are looking for a bit of glamor just add some reflective surface, like mirrored pieces or shiny metallics.








I understand that It is important that we keep our homes secure, but until recently our only option was ugly security screens and security bars. You are hard pressed finding any security screen or security bar that doesn't either resemble a jail or looks like a mass of intertwined metal. Security screens ruin the street appeal of so many homes.



My suggestion is to replace them with security standard aluminum shutter. By adding aluminum shutters to your windows and patio, you not only increase the security of your home, but you add to it.  Nothing looks more stunning then home finished in beautiful plantation style shutters. For me, they really finish the home.



Weatherwell Elite is an American made aluminum shutter that has been designed to withstand any kind of burglar penetration. The Weatherwell Elite shutter is the strongest aluminum shutter on the market with lockable blades, and key operated top and bottom shoot bolts.  

Interesting thought:  I have also seen people use roller shutters as security, particularly on their vacation home, and when they are down I KNOW they are away. The problem is the burglars do too! 


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