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As homeowners spend more of their leisure and vacation time at home, interest and emphasis in outdoor living has surged. According to the National Association of Realtors, outdoor living rooms and screened porches are one of the top hot home trends for 2013. Porches and patios are often screened with exterior shutters to create outdoor sanctuaries

Further helping to blur lines between outdoor and indoor spaces is the rise of screened porches, which have gained more indoor accoutrements such as fireplaces, making them livable nearly year-round.

… A trend that began a few years ago continues to inspire homeowners to think beyond terraces and decks. These spaces have more of the feeling and function of an indoor room.”

Barbara Ballinger, Realtor Mag

Exterior shutters are a great cost-effective, aesethically pleasing and highly functional way to add a living area. Creating an outdoor living room with exterior shutters minimises the cost of the extension and, as home lot sizes shrink, is a perfect space maximizing solution. Living space can be created without having to extend the footprint of your home.

There are number of additional benefits when using exterior shutters, including:

  • Privacy from neighbours
  • Protection from the sun and wind
  • Ventilating airflow
  • Security protection with locking mechanisms
  • Elegant, streamlined appearance

The focus on outdoor living environments is even growing at the planning stage. A survey by Professional Builder Magazine reported that 43% of survey respondents had added an outdoor living option to their current new home plans. Patios, porches and sunrooms screened with exterior shutters create outdoor sanctuaries usable for much of the year, by protecting the space from the elements.

Timber probably springs to mind when thinking shutters, yet aluminum shutters are an excellent option for exteriors. The inherent durability of aluminum and sturdy composition greatly enhances the protection from the elements, whilst minimising upkeep. 

Less maintenance is a game-changer in the outdoor living movement.

“Less maintenance equals more time for living.”

Here are 5 advantages of aluminum exterior shutters:

  • Put aside fears of warpage from extended contact with water
  • Inherent strength to absorb wear and tear.
  • Custom powder coat options that can match any décor
  • Sliding, hinged and fixed installation options for easy access
  • Simple maintenance with just a wipe down with a wet cloth.

Homebuilders, The Whisler family, were new to the concept of aluminum shutters, but made the decision to go with Weatherwell Elite and have been thrilled with the outcome.          

“I got my shutters in last week and I LOOOOOOVVVVEEEE them! That is the best way to put it. =) They give my rooms such a finished look and feel. When my husband and I were building our house it wasn't something that even crossed my mind. Now I am glad it didn't because I have these beautiful coverings instead of whatever the builder would have spec'd.”

The Whislers,, Apr 2013


You can be sure that aluminum exterior shutters will continue to rise in popularity as the focus on outdoor living options gathers momentum.  

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Weatherwell Elite 



Plantation shutters have long been a preferred choice for window furnshings. When most people think shutters, they think timber in crisp whites and neutrals or rich stained colors that add style to the home.  However, aluminium plantation shutters are a wonderful alternative and provide the same sleek appearance with strength and durability.

Suitable for exteriors or interiors, aluminium plantation shutters can be used to recreate living spaces while standing the test of time and family living. The Weatherwell Elite range has the added feature of locking mechanisms for true security and privacy.

Aluminium plantations shutters come in a range of colors, so they can be matched to suit any décor. Streamlined and durable, aluminium plantation shutters can be used for residential or commercial premises and are increasingly becoming a popular alternative. 



Introducing plantation shutters to your home can make a noticeable difference to the look and feel of any room.  With their sleek lines and range of colors, there is an interior window shutter to compliment the style and décor of any home, from formal to cutting edge architecture.  Offering elegant symmetry, these interior window shutters make a statement of quality and design.   Not only are these shutters able to be enjoyed from the interior of your home, but also make an impressive impact for the exterior of a home.

The Window Outfitters’ range of timber and aluminum window shutters offer custom made interior window shutters in a range of colors.  With security features available in the Weatherwell Elite aluminum shutter range, these shutters offer beauty and peace of mind.  They are also a desired choice for commercial premises with their durable finish and ability to be used internally and externally.

An exciting new trend is emerging with the use of aluminum shutters to create additional living spaces.  People are able to create rooms with the use of shutters as walls that can be installed to bi-fold or slide in to various positions.   This enables someone to open or close areas in a home and adapt to ever-changing living.  This new adaptation for the shutters makes it popular with the social movement towards alfresco living.

Aluminum shutters are also a popular choice internally.  Maintaining the integrity of the look of a timber shutter, the aluminum shutter is extremely durable and can transform the aesthetic of a home, without compromising longevity or strength.  Timber shutters offer a great traditional natural look.  The Window Outfitters’ Highprofile range offers multiple painted or stained finishes.  With all the beautiful benefits of window shutters, it is no surprise that they have been a popular choice for many years and are featured in so many homes.  



Aluminum shutters are a flexible and stylish option when creating an indoor space.  With our Weatherwell Elite range timber wrap finish you are able to achieve the look of timber, with a material that is both durable and strong.  With a large range of traditional colors such as white and black also available there is a finish suitable for any indoor space.  Aluminum indoor shutters offer a beautiful touch to any area, especially those high traffic areas in your home.

With a number of security features available these aluminum shutters offer you peace of mind without the compromise of aesthetic beauty for your home.  With our Weatherwell range offering a number of blade sizes you can ensure that even the most beautiful view will only be minimally obstructed when the louvers are in a horizontal position.  The sleek, simple modern lines of the aluminum shutter are just another reason it is so popular.

With its easy wipe-clean finish, maintaining the original beauty of the aluminum shutter is easy.  The preferred alternative for areas with climates that experience a lot of heat and moisture, the aluminum shutter offers a barrier between the external elements to achieve a higher level of comfort in your home.  Easy maintenance, security and style make aluminum indoor shutters a great choice for the interior of your home. 



Aluminum Bahama shutters are a popular choice in many coastal areas.  Designed to be able to close quickly when storms are approaching, these shutters ensure that the exterior of homes appear beautiful, while offering the needed protection from the extremes in weather that these coastal areas experience.

With the use of aluminum as the preferred choice due to its strength and durability, homeowners and businesses can relax knowing that these custom aluminum shutters are the recommended choice by architects and builders. 

Choosing aluminum Bahama shutters for your home or work place adds style and curb appeal to the exterior of your home, retail location or office space.  With multiple colors there is an option tailored to your needs available.  Each shutters’ visible craftsmanship is paired with state-of-the-art componentry and manufacturing, making the Weatherwell and Weatherwell Elite range of aluminum shutters the desired choice.



When you wish to enhance your outdoor or indoor living areas, choosing aluminum shutters is the ideal choice.  With the selection of aluminum shutters, these durable shutters compliment alfresco living areas with their sleek style.  Additionally they are the perfect choice for indoor areas with high traffic.  With all the many features available with the aluminum shutter, it is no surprise that it is increasing in popularity at such a rapid rate for home and commercial use. 

Aluminum shutters provide excellent light control while offering protection from the harshest of weather conditions.  With The Window Outfitters Weatherwell and Weatherell Elite range of aluminum shutters, these shutters offer functionality without sacrificing appearance.

Available in a range of styles and colors, these contemporary shutters can work with any room or area you have in mind.  With built-in security features, adding aluminum shutters offers you peace of mind.  With an easy operating system these aluminum shutters are an ideal choice for areas subject to moisture or extreme sun.  Able to transform an indoor living space into a private haven or an outdoor entertaining area ready for all weather conditions.  Aluminum shutters are a wonderful stylish addition to any home, both in function and appearance.  



The family in this home wanted to create a pool house suite that offered their guests all the amenities along with a seamless transition between their pool area and the main house.  All this was to be achieved without the sacrifice of privacy for guests and residents. 

With both a sliding option as well as hinged in frame shown in this picture, the ease to incorporate a shutter installation that suits each opening in your home is shown.  By using two different installation methods in the room, each openings purpose is not lost.  Guests are able to control light and airflow as desired and slide or open the shutters as needed.

Choosing aluminum indoor shutters for your home allows you to create sanctuaries for any room.  Selecting aluminum as your indoor shutter material ensures that even those high traffic areas won’t look worn or aged with time as this durable material is paired with an equally resilient finish.

Aluminum indoor shutters enhance any space.  With a beautiful selection of finishes available and the option to custom color, any room in your indoor or outdoor space can enjoy the many beautiful features of shutters.



Providing a distinctive tropical look with full window coverage, Bahama style aluminum shutters are an appealing choice for coastal areas.  Our Weatherwell aluminum range combines aesthetic style, sun control and security for protection against extreme weather conditions.

The distinct installation feature of the Bahama aluminum shutter is its top hinged mounting device.  This mechanism allows for Bahama aluminum shutters to be secured to the adjacent wall.  This mounting system provides extra defense for your windows during storms or hurricanes.  With rotating blades like a traditional plantation shutter you are able to control light, visibility and air circulation, without the compromise of a weather defense.

A popular choice for both domestic and commercial use, aluminum Bahama shutters offer any space both style and security.  Available in a number of colors, the Weatherwell range of aluminum Bahama shutters can enhance any home or building exterior.

Privacy, ease of use, security, shade and storm protection are just some of the many benefits of aluminum Bahama shutters, making them reliable and desirable.  



Aluminum shutters are replacing the outdated option of drapes and vertical blinds for sliding doors.  When you are looking for a window covering solution that is both beautiful and durable, choosing aluminum shutters is an inviting alternative.  Able to seamlessly slide or bi-fold back in an opening, the complementary style of a shutter serves to only further enhance any space.

Sliding or bi-folding aluminum shutters are available in a number of different colors in our Weatherwell range, allowing you to select the right look for your home.

With the highest quality componentry used for each installation you can be confident that whether sliding or bi-folding your aluminum shutters to their desired position, they will be able to withstand the daily demands of any area. 

With their resilient finish, aluminum shutters can withstand extremes in temperature and weather conditions.  Whether positioned in direct sunlight all day or in damp or wet areas, these aluminum shutters will continue to beautify your home for many years. 



Indoor shutters have been a popular choice for window furnishings in people’s home for many years.  Adding an instant level of sophistication to a home, indoor shutters compliment any décor and style of home.  With our Weatherwell range you can add beautiful aluminum indoor shutters to your home that are strong and durable.  

Choosing aluminum indoor shutters over the traditional timber shutter ensures that even those high traffic areas in your home will remain picturesque over time.  You can relax knowing that these state of the art shutters are not only beautiful but also resilient.

Aluminum indoor shutters can be installed in a number of ways.  Fixed, bi-folding, sliding and multi-fold options allow you to find an installation method perfect for any opening in your home.  Our range of colors include the traditional whites, black and anodized along with gorgeous timber wraps giving you the look of timber with the durability of aluminum.

Weatherwell aluminum indoor shutters offer security, style and strength for your home.  We invite you to join the new revolution in shutters today that you can enjoy in your home for many years to come. 

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