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Saturday, May 09, 2015

Outdoor plantation shutters are the hottest trend in Dallas this year. This is no surprise to those who have worked with Weatherwell Elite before, as there is nothing else even close to comparison on the market. The Window Outfitter's has perfected the art of combining usability with cutting-edge design, and you wont be disappointed with the end result.

Dallas is full of beautiful people and their homes are no exception. Making the decision to improve your home is often a difficult one due to cost and what can seem like an overwhelming amount of products to choose from; but the choice is easy. Look no further than Weatherwell Elite for your outdoor plantation shutters.

Unlike many other brands, Weatherwell Elite outdoor plantation shutters are all controlled through internal rotation. For security, a bolt at the top and bottom of the Weatherwell Elite shutters are controlled by one key. When turned the bolts shoot out in to the top and bottom tracks to lock in place. A separate lock is used to controls the "blade stay". But, all of this is internal mechanisms. This means there are no unattractive bolts or chords seen from the outside. The chic, clean finish will leave you excited and your guests in awe of your newly improved home.

This two-lock system will keep your home secure and the blades will always be in the position you want them. Let the afternoon sun through while you sip on mimosas with friends, or close them up so the glare from the sun doesn't disturb Sunday football. Either way, your plantation shutters will look amazing.

Recently, a family in Dallas decided to install Weatherwell Elite in their outdoor entertaining area. They chose only a small section of the area to install them, yet from a design perspective, it added so much more.

The family were set on putting a television above the fireplace so chose to have their shutters locked in place but to have the movability of the blades completely at their discretion. Open outdoor plantation shutters on either side is perfect for afternoon's when they're entertaining friends and family. Depending on the direction of the sun, they can close or open the blades to let in some natural light.

Through collaboration with our specialists, the color they chose perfectly matched their timber ceiling, and furniture they had already purchased. All-in-all, this family has completed an outdoor area where there family can feel relaxed, and their friends will be begging to spend their Sunday afternoons.

Our outdoor plantation shutters are designed with you in mind. You will never have to sacrifice the design of your home for practicality when you invest in Weatherwell Elite. You get the best of both worlds!

Contact us today to find more on how Weatherwell Elite outdoor plantation shutters will be the finishing touch to your outdoor area.

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