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OUTDOOR LIVING: The hottest summer trend in Dallas

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sometimes it is easy to get carried away redesigning and renovating the inside of your home before you consider your backyard. But, in order to keep up with the fashions, creating the perfect outdoor room is essential. Weatherwell Elite outdoor plantation shutters is the key to optimizing your outdoor area and will no doubt distinguish you from the masses.

It comes as no surprise, that Texas is hot! Nonetheless locals in Dallas love the outdoors. Once the summer heat arrives it only seems to get hotter and further away from ever-reaching autumn, let alone winter. But despite the heat, Dallas locals still want to make the most of the sunny weather and their weekend free from work; which we can all relate too. Our outdoor plantation shutters are designed so you can make the most of your outdoor rooms throughout summer.

On the weekend Dallas is buzzing with people searching for the best patio to sit and enjoy brunch with friends. But where do you go after brunch? You probably end up indoors relaxing back at home, or instead you’ll head to the mall. Installing outdoor plantation shutters makes it possible to enjoy the outdoors in the privacy of your own home. This means you can invite your friends back to your house to continue the fun in your own outdoor retreat.

Some recent customers, a young couple with two young children used Weatherwell Elite aluminum shutters in their brand new home in Arlington, Texas. Their outdoor kitchen was beautifully furnished, including a television, a barbeque and a green egg. They wanted to be able to block the glare from the television so they could enjoy watching the game in their outdoor room, but they also needed to protect their new furnishings from the sun and wind. After collaborating with our salesmen, they decide to install to types of outdoor plantation shutter configurations. They used two fixed panels on one side of the room, meaning they can only open and close the louvers.  While on the other side of the room, they installed multifold outdoor plantation shutters so they can completely fold back the shutters and enjoy their view when the winds and sun are down. Aluminum shutters were an easy choice for this family because they can now enjoy years of fun in their own backyard.

When you’re as passionate about barbequing and using your green egg as this retired couple in Keller, Texas, not being able to use your outdoor kitchen is downright depressing. They were having trouble with extreme winds and lack of privacy from the main road that they backed-up on to, so they stopped using their outdoor kitchen entirely. Therefore, they opted for outdoor plantation shutters with panels fixed as they only needed to operate the louvers. They originally called our salesmen wanting wood shutters but after learning that our aluminum shutters looked and felt like real wood, are are more durable and require no maintenance they opted for Weatherwell Elite in the walnut wood powder coat, which not only looks like real wood, but feels like real wood. The couple are now back in the outdoor kitchen enjoying their green egg and their famous BBQ sauce, and can now enjoy having their grandchildren over all the time to eat and watch television outside together.

In both cases, after installing our Weatherwell Elite aluminum shutters in their outdoor room, each family improved their outdoor areas but also managed to add value and curb appeal to their homes.

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