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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Outdoor kitchens are improving outdoor entertaining. It is a well known truth that people love coming together around food, and why not? Get outside, enjoy the company of family and friends and the perfect summer days. More often than not though, the host gets stuck inside the house cooking while the guests enjoy the outdoors. Since this is the case, half the guests often join the host inside to keep them company. Very quickly your outdoor party becomes an indoor party. This is one of the reasons outdoor kitchens are becoming increasingly popular alongside Weatherwell Elite.

Weatherwell Elite is weather resistant and built to last; it is the most up-to-date aluminum technology available. An outdoor kitchen needs shutters that will protect all your outdoor furniture. Custom color, custom size all custom made, Weatherwell Elite is the perfect addition to your outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor living is the hottest trend this summer and now is the time to get your outdoor area ready and protected. Weatherwell Elite can withstand extreme winds, it does not crack or fade from the sun nor does it erode from salt (a concern for families with homes near the ocean). The high quality powder coat over the aluminum means your shutters are built to last. We provide 10 years structural warranty, 10 years standard powder coat and 5 years wood grain powder coat warranty. The Weatherwell Elite range carries the longest lasting and most comprehensive warranty on the market because we are certain you will not be disappointed.

A young couple in Arlington, Texas, used our Weatherwell Elite aluminum shutters in their new home. They beautifully furnished their outdoor living area including a television, a barbecue and a green egg so they would be able to enjoy Sunday football with their friends. They needed to be able to block the glare from the television, but also needed to protect their furnishings from the sun and wind. After collaborating with our salesmen, they installed aluminum shutters with a fixed panel on one side of the room, so they can only open and close the louvers. While on the other side of the room, they installed multifold shutters so they can enjoy their view when the winds and sun are down. Aluminum shutters were an easy choice for this family because they can now enjoy years of fun in their own outdoor kitchen.

Not only does your outdoor living area need protection from the elements, but you also need to know that it is secure and safe. Families that do have an outdoor kitchen will most likely have a lot of expensive goods outside as well, such as appliances and utensils. Weatherwell Elite is custom made to fit your home and depending on what you want, can offer absolute peace of mind when it comes to security concerns.

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