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Friday, April 17, 2015

For years, we as homeowners, have struggled with successfully combining security and style. Security screens are often a necessity, yet too often than not we are limited to bars and grill like screens that never complement our stylish indoor decor. However, times are changing and The Window Outfitter's is leading the way with  Weatherwell Elite aluminum shutters, the attractive alternative to security screens.

Whether it be a private residence or apartment building, when considering your home's security, look no further than Weatherwell Elite. Weatherwell Elite is an aluminum shutter made in the USA. It is built to survive the impact of all natural elements, provide security and complement the style of your home. Currently, there is nothing else like it available on the market.

Customized to suit your home, Weatherwell Elite security screens are always personal. Color specifications, size and installation method are all decided by you, to suit your home. We guarantee you will never have to sacrifice style for usability and security.

Installation methods include multi-fold, sliding, hinged or fixed security screens, all of which will provide excellent security. A bolt at the top and bottom of the louvers are controlled by one key. When turned the bolts shoot-out in to the top and bottom tracks to lock in to place. However, this does not control the movability of the louvers. A separate lock controls the 'blade stay'. This will ensure the louvers stay in the position you want, from completely open to closed. Additionally, this is also the perfect solution to child-proofing your room.

Security screens run hand-in-hand with privacy. The Window Outfitter's have tried to think of all the possible concerns that you as the consumer could have when selecting the perfect security screen, and Weatherwell Elite is the answer. For example, in the image below, the family was renovating their home located on the riverfront and wanted to build an exercise room which would overlook the water, to provide a good point of focus during tough gym sessions. Nowadays though, living on a riverfront comes with many security issues, and glass windows aren't often enough. They wanted their state of the art equipment to be protected, some privacy during gym sessions but also wanted to add value to their home. They chose to invest in Weatherwell Elite. Now the family are happy to know that while they aren't using their gym, they can lock the aluminum louvers open or closed and their equipment is safe.

Security screens no longer have to detract from the beautiful home you and your family have built. With Weatherwell Elite, combining style and security never looked so good.

Click here to discover more about securing your home with Weatherwell Elite.

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