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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Locals in Dallas love to entertain and relax in the perfect outdoor retreat; especially in Summer. Is your outdoor area in need of some final touches before Summer rolls around once again? You're not alone. Aluminum louvers are the newest accessory as well as the best investment to complete your outdoor area. Weatherwell Elite aluminum louvers are unlike anything else on the market. They are different because you don't have to sacrifice the appearance of your outdoor retreat in order to optimize security. It's a win-win solution and the hottest trend in Dallas this summer.

Texas is well known for its hot summer's that, more often than not, reach and exceed 100 degrees. Instead of hiding from the heat, locals in Dallas still like to make the most of their days with their friends and family. What better way to spend your weekend than relaxing and enjoying the days in the privacy of your own outdoor retreat?

Weatherwell Elite shutters are a personalized product. You can choose to enclose and secure your outdoor room to your specifications or perhaps you would prefer to use them as an accessory. There are also many installation methods for to suit your own needs. They can be multi-fold, sliding, hinged or fixed shutters, all of which are very capable of providing security when you're not using your outdoor area.


Our aluminum louvers are designed so you never have to sacrifice beauty for usability and security. A bolt at the top and bottom of the Weatherwell Elite shutters are controlled by one key. When turned the bolts shoot out in to the top and bottom tracks to lock in to place. However, this does not control the movability of the louvers. A separate lock controls the "blade stay". This will keep the louvers in the position you want them in, from completely open to completely closed for security reasons.

Do you have young children that also love the outdoors? If you use your outdoor area as a children's play area, then there is no doubt security is a top priority. Again, Weatherwell Elite aluminum louvers are the perfect solution to complete your outdoor room. A lot of families in Dallas are also fortunate enough to have a pool in their backyard, which with children around, makes safety even more crucial. By securing your outdoor area with aluminum louvers, you will feel happy knowing that your children will be able to play safely inside your outdoor area simply with the lock of a key.

Locals in Dallas love beautiful things, and their homes are no exception. Appearance is always important, and no one likes having to choose practicality over beauty. You want your dream home to be perfect. This is why our aluminum louvers are the newest trend in Dallas to complete your outdoor home. Weatherwell Elite aluminum louvers are beautifully finished while also providing security and versatility: the perfect way to complete your outdoor room.

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