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In addition to your in-home security system, aluminum shutters are an excellent window security option for residents in New Orleans. Nola is an exciting city; rich in culture and history. Tourists from all over the world come to experience all that it has to offer. But like any city, security for your home and your family is a necessity.

In the city of New Orleans, residential and congested tourists areas are commonly intertwined. Often the only thing between your home and the outside, is a glass window; and unfortunately, that is often not enough. Weatherwell Elite is stronger and more durable than any other aluminum shutter on the market, and makes window security more simple in New Orleans.

In combination with their aesthetic appeal, your window security is improved in two simple steps. The first is the bolt at the top and bottom of the Weatherwell Elite aluminum shutters, controlled by one key. When the key is turned to "lock", the bolts shoot out in to the top and bottom tracks and are locked in place. This is not accessed from the outside and can not be unlocked with out the key.

Secondly, their is also a simple lock, resembling a switch to lock the blades in place; known as a blade stay. This simple lock, ensures that your blades will securely stay at any angle. Open during the day, and closed tight during the night, or on days when you're away from your home. It was decided that it is better not to lock the shutters and the blades all-in-one, because it provides more versatility to you, the customer.

An example of their versatility in providing window security, which would be perfect for a home in New Orleans is shown in the following images. In the first image, the shutters have been installed internally within the home, for both a feature and additional security. This family enjoyed long vacations away during their summer break and so wanted a product that could better protect their belongings, whilst always adding to the overall design of their home.

Another example, is an alternative to the jail-like bars that are so commonly seen on homes throughout New Orleans, and the rest of the United States. Weatherwell Elite was a perfect solution for this family, as it not only significantly improved their window security but they also felt it improved upon their neighbors homes, and set them apart.

As well as being able to provide security for the second family, it is essential that external shutters be able to withstand the tests Mother Nature so commonly puts New Orleans through. Weatherwell Elite can withstand gail-force winds, water, salt and sun, further underpinning how for homes in New Orleans requiring additional window security, Weatherwell Elite is the obvious choice.

The Window Outfitter's have focussed entirely on what one needs out of aluminum shutters. Window security with Weatherwell Elite is superior to other products as it is always completed with precision at every point during planning, manufacturing and installation.

For additional ideas on ways to improve your home with Weatherwell Elite, click here.



Outdoor plantation shutters are the hottest trend in Dallas this year. This is no surprise to those who have worked with Weatherwell Elite before, as there is nothing else even close to comparison on the market. The Window Outfitter's has perfected the art of combining usability with cutting-edge design, and you wont be disappointed with the end result.

Dallas is full of beautiful people and their homes are no exception. Making the decision to improve your home is often a difficult one due to cost and what can seem like an overwhelming amount of products to choose from; but the choice is easy. Look no further than Weatherwell Elite for your outdoor plantation shutters.

Unlike many other brands, Weatherwell Elite outdoor plantation shutters are all controlled through internal rotation. For security, a bolt at the top and bottom of the Weatherwell Elite shutters are controlled by one key. When turned the bolts shoot out in to the top and bottom tracks to lock in place. A separate lock is used to controls the "blade stay". But, all of this is internal mechanisms. This means there are no unattractive bolts or chords seen from the outside. The chic, clean finish will leave you excited and your guests in awe of your newly improved home.

This two-lock system will keep your home secure and the blades will always be in the position you want them. Let the afternoon sun through while you sip on mimosas with friends, or close them up so the glare from the sun doesn't disturb Sunday football. Either way, your plantation shutters will look amazing.

Recently, a family in Dallas decided to install Weatherwell Elite in their outdoor entertaining area. They chose only a small section of the area to install them, yet from a design perspective, it added so much more.

The family were set on putting a television above the fireplace so chose to have their shutters locked in place but to have the movability of the blades completely at their discretion. Open outdoor plantation shutters on either side is perfect for afternoon's when they're entertaining friends and family. Depending on the direction of the sun, they can close or open the blades to let in some natural light.

Through collaboration with our specialists, the color they chose perfectly matched their timber ceiling, and furniture they had already purchased. All-in-all, this family has completed an outdoor area where there family can feel relaxed, and their friends will be begging to spend their Sunday afternoons.

Our outdoor plantation shutters are designed with you in mind. You will never have to sacrifice the design of your home for practicality when you invest in Weatherwell Elite. You get the best of both worlds!

Contact us today to find more on how Weatherwell Elite outdoor plantation shutters will be the finishing touch to your outdoor area.



It is becoming increasingly popular to transform outdoor pavilion areas in to a private outdoor retreat. And why not? Despite all the obvious benefits of a private outdoor oasis, more often than not, creating the perfect outdoor pavilion takes a lot of time and money. So it is only natural that you would want to use it, or better yet escape to it. Well it is that time of the year again… summer is arriving! Gone are the long winter nights, enter the warm summer days. Summer is one of the best times of the year, and even more so when you have the perfect outdoor oasis.

One family in Arlington Texas, had spent a lot of money on creating their perfect outdoor pavilion, turned private oasis. Unfortunately, they didn't consider all the factors of building the perfect private oasis. They had no privacy from their neighbors which made entertaining less enjoyable. They would also get a lot of wind and sun from one side that would glare on the tv. Most men would know that this is a big problem during football season, which is exactly what ended up happening in this home. The men wanted to retreat here once football season started, but the glare made it to difficult to focus on the game, and so would end up back inside.

Through collaboration with The Window Outfitters, this family have fixed their problem using Weatherwell Elite aluminum louvers and now use their outdoor pavilion 365 days of the year. They chose to install aluminum shutters with a fixed panel on one side of the room, so they can only open and close the louvers. While on the other side of the room, they installed multifold shutters so they can enjoy their view when the winds and sun are down. Aluminum shutters were an easy choice for this family because they can now enjoy years of fun in their own outdoor pavilion.


This situation is more common than it should be, which is why The Window Outfitters has created Weatherwell Elite, to eliminate problems like those of this family. Weatherwell Elite is a versatile product designed to alleviate many problems, because of its multi installation options and it's ability to withstand the elements.

An outdoor pavilion completed with Weatherwell Elite is both an investment and a solution. If you are looking to transform your outdoor pavilion in to a private oasis, do it well-before summer is over and take advantage of all the benefits that come with having a private outdoor pavilion.

Click here to discover more ways to complete your home with Weatherwell Elite from The Window Outfitters.



For years, we as homeowners, have struggled with successfully combining security and style. Security screens are often a necessity, yet too often than not we are limited to bars and grill like screens that never complement our stylish indoor decor. However, times are changing and The Window Outfitter's is leading the way with  Weatherwell Elite aluminum shutters, the attractive alternative to security screens.

Whether it be a private residence or apartment building, when considering your home's security, look no further than Weatherwell Elite. Weatherwell Elite is an aluminum shutter made in the USA. It is built to survive the impact of all natural elements, provide security and complement the style of your home. Currently, there is nothing else like it available on the market.

Customized to suit your home, Weatherwell Elite security screens are always personal. Color specifications, size and installation method are all decided by you, to suit your home. We guarantee you will never have to sacrifice style for usability and security.

Installation methods include multi-fold, sliding, hinged or fixed security screens, all of which will provide excellent security. A bolt at the top and bottom of the louvers are controlled by one key. When turned the bolts shoot-out in to the top and bottom tracks to lock in to place. However, this does not control the movability of the louvers. A separate lock controls the 'blade stay'. This will ensure the louvers stay in the position you want, from completely open to closed. Additionally, this is also the perfect solution to child-proofing your room.

Security screens run hand-in-hand with privacy. The Window Outfitter's have tried to think of all the possible concerns that you as the consumer could have when selecting the perfect security screen, and Weatherwell Elite is the answer. For example, in the image below, the family was renovating their home located on the riverfront and wanted to build an exercise room which would overlook the water, to provide a good point of focus during tough gym sessions. Nowadays though, living on a riverfront comes with many security issues, and glass windows aren't often enough. They wanted their state of the art equipment to be protected, some privacy during gym sessions but also wanted to add value to their home. They chose to invest in Weatherwell Elite. Now the family are happy to know that while they aren't using their gym, they can lock the aluminum louvers open or closed and their equipment is safe.

Security screens no longer have to detract from the beautiful home you and your family have built. With Weatherwell Elite, combining style and security never looked so good.

Click here to discover more about securing your home with Weatherwell Elite.



Have you been searching for shutters that are stylish, functional and will give your family all the privacy they need? The Window Outfitter's plantation shutters are the solution. As the world's leading shutter manufacturer, we pride ourselves on creating shutters you will love. Our plantation shutters will always add value to your home, while also making excellent privacy screens.

We understand how difficult privacy can be in both apartment living and houses, which is why Weatherwell Elitealuminum shutters are tailor made to suit your lifestyle. Our shutters can be fixed in place, hinged, sliding or multi-fold, making them the perfect, most versatile solution to your privacy concerns. They are also salt and weather resistant so are suitable in any location. An added bonus to you is that the moveable blades on the exterior plantation shutters can be set in any position whilst still giving you plenty of airflow. So if it is an outdoor area you need more privacy in, you can decide how private or open your outdoor area should be. Plantation shutters are an amazing way to improve your privacy on an existing area of your home.

A fast-growing trend is to use our plantation shutters to enclose or add privacy to the perfect, private, outdoor retreat. The numerous installation options make for a very functional and stylish addition to your outdoor retreat. A family in Canada lives in what some would say is paradise. Their home overlooks a large lake, and they have enough property for their kids or friends to enjoy the outdoors in the comfort of their own home. However, their backyards openly connect with their neighbors, making privacy an issue at times. They found it difficult to enjoy the beautiful weather by their pool with their family without worrying about being seen by their neighbors or people out on the lake. However, they also had a prior agreement with their neighbors not to install a fence between each home so that their outdoor spaces would remain larger and their view more expansive and striking. The solution: Weatherwell Elite plantation shutters around the edge of their patio.

As mentioned, our shutters are tailor-made to suit you and your home. This family wanted a split rotation, meaning the louvers can move independently in chosen sections without a mid rail. Depending on the situation, the family could close them for complete privacy, open one section, or open both sections completely. Weatherwell Elite plantation shutters were the ideal privacy screens.

As well as being an excellent privacy screen, their strength, durability and design make our plantation shutters are an investment that will always add value to your home. They are recognized as a strong product unlike anything on the market. If you want a stylish way to complete your outdoor area, look no further than Weatherwell Elite aluminum shutters. 

If you would like to discover more ways our plantation shutters have been used click here.



Unlike the past, in order to be close to our jobs, family, friends, restaurants and entertainment we are all living very closely together. Fortunately, many of us are lucky to have some sort of outdoor living area, whether it be big or small. Unfortunately though, most of us have some sort of privacy issue. Most of us would like to imagine that we live on a secluded lot far from the prying eyes of our neighbors, but the sad truth is that most of us don't. Exterior shade screens may be the solution you've been looking for.


Weatherwell Elite combines cutting-edge technology with sophistication and design. There are many options available to you on the market but nothing quite like what The Window Outfitters has to offer.

At The Window Outfitter's we know that when you are searching for the perfect outdoor porch privacy screen you have specific criteria that a product must meet.

Often these include:

  • Provide shade to keep cool on summer days
  • Allow air flow
  • Easy to operate
  • Protects furniture
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Extensive color range

Weatherwell Elite is tailor made to suit your needs; it ticks all the boxes.

Outdoor porch privacy screens are a fast-growing trend to enclose or add privacy to an outdoor area or porch. Weatherwell Elite, depending on your specific situation, can be fixed in place, hinged, sliding or multi-fold shutters. The numerous installation options make for a very practical way to add privacy to your home.


Summer is around the corner, which means so is outdoor entertaining. Gone are the unbearable winter days and out comes the warm sunshine, bringing with it, plenty of outdoor entertaining. Outdoor porch privacy screens are often also used to provide some shade and sun protection. Unlike many products available to you, Weatherwell Elite does not fade or crack due to the sun. Also given the numerous installation options, you can choose how open or closed you want your outdoor porch privacy screens (including the louvers) to be. This helps with both adequate shade and air flow.

One of the most important concerns when reinventing a part of your home is how it will look. Weatherwell Elite has an extensive color range to choose from and again noting the numerous versatility of the louvers, you can choose whether to completely open or close the shutters or somewhere in between. It is without a doubt aesthetically pleasing.

Weatherwell Elite outdoor porch privacy screens are designed to satisfy all your foreseeable needs and concerns, to create a high quality product that will help to complete your home. If you are looking to finish off or revamp your outdoor area or porch, click here to learn more about Weatherwell Elite.



Outdoor kitchens are improving outdoor entertaining. It is a well known truth that people love coming together around food, and why not? Get outside, enjoy the company of family and friends and the perfect summer days. More often than not though, the host gets stuck inside the house cooking while the guests enjoy the outdoors. Since this is the case, half the guests often join the host inside to keep them company. Very quickly your outdoor party becomes an indoor party. This is one of the reasons outdoor kitchens are becoming increasingly popular alongside Weatherwell Elite.

Weatherwell Elite is weather resistant and built to last; it is the most up-to-date aluminum technology available. An outdoor kitchen needs shutters that will protect all your outdoor furniture. Custom color, custom size all custom made, Weatherwell Elite is the perfect addition to your outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor living is the hottest trend this summer and now is the time to get your outdoor area ready and protected. Weatherwell Elite can withstand extreme winds, it does not crack or fade from the sun nor does it erode from salt (a concern for families with homes near the ocean). The high quality powder coat over the aluminum means your shutters are built to last. We provide 10 years structural warranty, 10 years standard powder coat and 5 years wood grain powder coat warranty. The Weatherwell Elite range carries the longest lasting and most comprehensive warranty on the market because we are certain you will not be disappointed.

A young couple in Arlington, Texas, used our Weatherwell Elite aluminum shutters in their new home. They beautifully furnished their outdoor living area including a television, a barbecue and a green egg so they would be able to enjoy Sunday football with their friends. They needed to be able to block the glare from the television, but also needed to protect their furnishings from the sun and wind. After collaborating with our salesmen, they installed aluminum shutters with a fixed panel on one side of the room, so they can only open and close the louvers. While on the other side of the room, they installed multifold shutters so they can enjoy their view when the winds and sun are down. Aluminum shutters were an easy choice for this family because they can now enjoy years of fun in their own outdoor kitchen.

Not only does your outdoor living area need protection from the elements, but you also need to know that it is secure and safe. Families that do have an outdoor kitchen will most likely have a lot of expensive goods outside as well, such as appliances and utensils. Weatherwell Elite is custom made to fit your home and depending on what you want, can offer absolute peace of mind when it comes to security concerns.

To discover more ways to secure your home with aluminum shutters by The Window Outfitters, click here.



A porch, whether it be at the front or the back of your home, is a great place to entertain friends or enjoy the afternoon with family. A porch enclosure is the best way to make the most of your home and ensure the longevity of your outdoor furniture in all conditions, at all times of the day. In many books and movies that we read, so many of the most intimate moments happen on a front porch. It's only natural to fantasize about all the wonderful memories we could make on a porch of our own. Unfortunately, like all outdoor living areas, there are many areas for concern. The Window Outfitter's understands your concerns and a porch enclosure using Weatherwell Elite is the solution.

Weatherwell Elite is an aluminum shutter made in the USA. It is built to last and designed to improve the appearance of your home. There is nothing else like it on the market.

Choosing a porch enclosure is often difficult because most people don't want to close themselves off from their surrounding views entirely. A good porch enclosure needs to be versatile, which is why Weatherwell Elite is increasingly popular. The numerous installation methods make it easy to completely open or close your porch, or somewhere in between, depending on the type of day or specific event you are hosting. Each order is custom made and fit to your home.

One family purchased this holiday home for their family to enjoy on weekends and during their vacation time. However, this house required some tender, love and care immediately before they could enjoy all it had to offer. You can imagine how much they would love relaxing on their front porch with a cool drink in hand, listening to music and watching the sunset. However, they were concerned their furniture on the front porch would never be protected from damaging weather, as well as having issues with privacy and security. The solution: A Weatherwell Elite porch enclosure.





No changes have been made other than installing Weatherwell Elite, and already the appearance, the security and the privacy of the home has improved dramatically. The family can completely close or open the louvers to let the sun and air through and ensure their privacy, but they can also fold back their shutters to completely open their porch up on the days they'd prefer not to have a porch enclosure (not shown in images). The aluminum louvers are locked in place using a key to ensure security. This was crucial to the family as it is a holiday home and there will be long periods of time where the family will be away and don't want to worry. 

Weatherwell Elite is a long-term investment that is built to last and designed to attract. To discover more ways to improve your home with Weatherwell Elite click here.



Selecting the perfect patio screen is usually dictated by functionality in an outdoor setting more so than how it looks. For years now, Australians have been enjoying their patio's fitted with the best aluminum shutters available on the market, Weatherwell Elite, which gives them more functionality than the traditional patio screen. The operable louvers on Weatherwell Elite give you the ability to totally block out the sun and weather, create various levels of privacy, and whats more ensure intruder proof security to protect your patio furniture and decor. Custom color, custom size all custom made to help create your ideal patio. The good news: it's now available in the USA and better yet, it is fully manufacturered right here too! Now, there is no excuse not to complete your outdoor living area with the perfect patio screens.

Weatherwell Elite patio screens are designs with unprecedented engineering. Architects worldwide are yet to find another product made to such high standards and with such range of functionality. The Window Outfitter's aluminum patio screens are the best on the market. Appealing to the eye, custom-made and functional; we've checked all the boxes. So sure of it's satisfaction guarantee, it comes with the best warranty on the market.

Like so many Americans, Australians love the outdoors and the fun times that comes with enjoying it. Having friends over for a barbecue or a few drinks is a weekly activity, and why not when you have a patio like the one featured below?

Although this house is in Australia, there is no reason why such an excellent design could not be replicated in a family's home here in America. This family had a few concerns before selecting which patio screens they would install. They wanted a patio screen that would also provide privacy, weather protection and be able to fit their pre-existing patio's dimensions.

The solution: Weatherwell Elite.

Weatherwell Elite patio screens are constructed from aluminum which is known to withstand the effects of the weather better than any other product available. It does not fade or crack from the sun and can withstand winds through extreme conditions. They are built to last.

Aluminum patio screens also make privacy in your home easy. With several installation options available, you can install patio screens that are multifold, sliding, fixed or hinged shutters. Furthermore, through a simple lock-of-a-key, you can secure your shutters in place, as open or closed as you want them to be. For this family, that meant that on days with a cool summer breeze they could open the louvers to allow that breeze to keep them cool. Finally, all our products are custom made to suit your home, so were easily fitted to this family's patio.

Unlike some companies out there, The Window Outfitter's have carefully considered all the possible concerns you may have to create a versatile and reliable product. It is trusted in Australia, and we can guarantee the same for America.

Click here to discover more benefits of Weatherwell Elite patio screens or browse the gallery for renovation inspiration.



In Dallas, despite the 100- summer days, clear blue sky almost always accompanies the heat. Locals love enjoying the outdoors with a cool drink in hand provided their is somewhere shady to retreat to. Aluminium louvers are the newest accessory and trend to take off in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Weatherwell Elite's aluminum louvers are the most advanced product on the market, because they skilfully combine design with practicality and usability. While the weather is still too cool for outdoor entertaining, it is the perfect time to apply the finishing touches to your outdoor areas with The Window Outfitter's.

Unbeknown to most people, aluminum louvers can withstand the affects of the damaging sun. Common issues often found after installing shutters in outdoor areas include fading and cracking of the materials. Aluminum louvers do not have this problem. Aluminum combines strength, flexibility, and the inherent ability to weather the impact of the sun. This means they require no maintenance, and explains why they are increasingly popular both residentially and commercially.

Weatherwell Elite's cutting edge design is equipped to handle the toughest treatments from the sun. Every aspect of their design has been mastered to create the most efficient aluminum louver. With many installation methods available, it is up to you how open or closed you want the louvers to be. Control the entry of natural light, heat and sun from the outside to protect your outdoor living area.

Perhaps you have a large balcony area that you are considering enclosing for sun protection and privacy. Laze around on your balcony with a book or relax with your loved one, all while enjoying the privacy of your own home. An additional feature of our shutters is that they can be installed so they can retract to completely open your balcony up to enjoy the views, leave them closed to stay cool, or play with the light and create the perfect modern exterior. You never have to compromise safety and security for beauty with Weatherwell Elite aluminum louvers.

The Weatherwell Elite range carries the longest lasting and most comprehensive warranty on the market because we are certain you will not be disappointed.

Don't wait till Summer is already here, now is the perfect time to apply the finishing touches to your outdoor area with aluminum louvers.

Click here to discover more about improving your home with aluminum louvers that you will love and trust.

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