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beautiful exterior aluminum shutters Patio enclosed by exterior aluminum shuttersaluminum shutter patio enclosure

Inspired Style. Revolutionary Design.
Unprecedented Functionality

A favorite of architects around the world, aluminum shutters have allowed a wealth of possibilities in the inspired space. Weatherwell Elite aluminum shutters combine cutting edge engineering with an elegant design to produce a shutter like you’ve never seen before. Other wind rated and security aluminum shutters sacrifice beauty in order to gain functionality. The Weatherwell Elite collection seamlessly unites design with usability. 

Now manufactured in the U.S. the revolutionary Weatherwell Elite is now available for distribution Worldwide.

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North and South Americas / Europe
Dallas, TX United States
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Brisbane, QLD Australia
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  • Position blades and keep in place with unique "blade stay"
  • Clean design with no visible screws or fixings 
  • No tilt rod required, with revolutionary rack and pinion system
  • Maximum outdoor durability with concealed mechanisms and full RAL powder coating that exceeds ASTM D3451 standards  
  • Solid aluminum blade pins and extreme wind ratings for ultimate security & high wind applications 
  • Easy installation with clip to fit system and custom hardware
  • Custom made in the USA 
  • 4-5 week lead times 
weatherwell custom exterior aluminum shutters


  • 3.5" ellipitical blades
  • 1 1/2" panel depth
  • Wind rating: 50 psf and a 75 psf design overload
  • Superior R values particularly when used with energy efficient glass.
  • Flame resistant. Passes the NFPA 701 and Title 19 section 1237.1
  • Custom designed installation hardware
  • Double shute bolt with key
  • Anodized aluminum, RAL color, and wood grain powder coats which subscribe to Qaulicoat, Qualanod and ASTM 117b standards for superior and consistent quality

exterior shade screen aluminum shutters


  • Create privacy on balconies
  • Enclose outdoor areas, build a TRUE living space and bolster real estate value.
  • Maintain clean design by controlling the building facade
  • Lower energy costs
  • Install as fixed, hinged, sliding, or multi-fold panels.
  • Little to no maintenance.
louvered exterior shutters for a patio enclosure


Weatherwell Elite Brochure Weatherwell Elite Brochure (771 KB)

Weatherwell Elite Guide Weatherwell Elite Guide (1972 KB)

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