Aluminum Shutters



For years, Aluminum shutters have been the favorite of commercial and high-end architects around the world. Now this exciting product is available for your home.

Aluminum Shutters: A wealth of possibilities.

An expertly engineered set of features gives Weatherwell aluminum shutters their unique versatility that is paired with outstanding craftsmanship.

Weatherwell aluminum shutters transcend window treatments with their flexibility and possibilities.  Replace a traditional timber plantation shutter with a product that is more durable and with the added benefits of aluminum.  Aluminum shutters can be used in a number of ingenious ways:

Enclose a balcony
Create an outdoor room 
Add security screens
Give strength and durability in high traffic areas with kids or pets




Strength and beauty

  • Weatherwell aluminum shutters means your investment will last.

Bring the outside in

  • Weatherwell aluminum shutters help you maximize and utilize your indoor and outdoor living spaces and allow seamless living between spaces.

A flexible option

  • Weatherwell aluminum shutters are versatile and can be ordered to fit any window or opening.

Peace of mind

  • Weatherwell aluminum shutters are strong and durable and can endure the extremes in weather and climate, whilst maximizing security.
Weatherwell Collection 
Designed for Beauty. Built to Weather Life.
Weatherwell Elite Collection 
Engineered to Weather the Elements.

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